Monday, December 24, 2012

Have yourself a....

MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS!! I hope that everyone out there has a wonderful Christmas with people they love around them. My kids are very excited about this year and I love to see their little faces when they open their gifts! More importantly I want to express to my kids what Christmas is really about. The birth of our Savior!!! Take time to stop and really praise the ONE who made Himself flesh so that He could one day die the death we deserved to die. Merry Christmas everyone from our family to yours!!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012


I went back and forth about whether or not to blog about the terrible events that occurred in Connecticut this past Friday morning. Really I just didn't know if I could put my thoughts into words. Then my pastor sent this email out to the entire congregation and I think it's perfect. Please read and share....
Dear Ones, I didn’t know what the right format should be. Addressing the horrors of this week needed to be done, but was tomorrow morning’s worship service the best venue? I’ve chosen GOL hoping it would reach the most people the fastest, and be the most appropriate. Today’s headlines in the morning paper was one word: UNSPEAKABLE. It is an apt word. What happened yesterday, and earlier this week in an Oregon mall, is indeed unspeakable. What sense are we to make of this? Apart from the enormous sorrow that surely we must feel for a group of parents whose kindergarteners have been senselessly murdered, what redemptive response is open to us? I humbly submit this. C.S Lewis, in his “Abolition of Man”, said this: “And all the time---such is the tragi-comedy of our situation---we continue to clamor for those very qualities we are rendering impossible…..In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.” This culture in which we live has attacked and opposed just about every moral underpinning that gives a bit of structure and sense to life, from the biblical definition of marriage, to the discarding of unwanted pregnancies. The culture has dismissed all sense of decency and morality and then wonders why so much evil exists. Castrated geldings simply cannot reproduce. A culture gutted of morality simply cannot live morally. We long for qualities that our morally vacuous culture renders impossible. That said, what redemptive response can there be? For us, as people who belong to the beautiful Savior, we possess a message that changes not just individuals, but whole societies. We must become, in the power of the Holy Spirit, more urgent in our efforts to broadcast a message that restores sanity to people and their culture. We must pray, yes. But pray not only for the sweet comfort for those in so much grief at this hour, but pray that the God of all grace will see fit to open blind eyes and exchange hearts of stone for hearts of flesh. We must give. Yes, give. Give so that more may hear of this Savior in Central America, in India, in Binghampton, etc. You may expect me to say this, and so that I won’t disappoint you, here it is: Jesus Christ is the hope of this world. His people must magnify Him. As for me, I know of no other response to these senseless tragedies. I love you loads, Jimmy Young

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Memphis

I've lived in Memphis most of my life....from when I was itty bitty. Well, technically Germantown but anytime you go out of town and someone asks you where you're from you always just say 'Memphis'. Honestly I can't always say that I've loved it here...just being honest. When I was younger, and even not that long ago, I longed for 'greener pastures'. Don't we all at some point? Although the grass seems greener elsewhere it's really only greener where it is watered. I have had to make a conscious decision to love my city and love the people in it. I've noticed that when I jump in and look at all this great place has to offer that that's when I find happiness here. It is a great place. Full of culture, art, music and awesome people. It gets better every year. Sure it has it's problems but what place doesn't? If you don't like something then I urge you to jump in and get your hands dirty. Form relationships, love on others...isn't that what we are called to do? I want to encourage all my fellow Memphians (no matter your zip code) to strive to LOVE this place too....and if you already have a love affair with Memphis, be contagious!! We are a great city and we need to be proud! Below is a painting entitled "My Memphis" that I did for an event at Market Central in November. See you soon! Katie

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Life as I Know It

Lately my days have been spent painting and parenting. It's my busy time of year which means I have to close myself up in the studio more often than not. My poor hubby has seen me in 'painting clothes' AKA 'not attractive clothes' more than he cares to admit! Needless to say we are ALL looking forward to Christmas Day!! Here is a pic of me painting and an inspirational pic from one of my boys. I love to let them inspire my makes it so easy!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh Baby!

Well, our little man turned one recently. Beau is our fourth and final kiddo!!! He has brought much joy (and hard work) but mostly joy. I am acutely aware that every day I get to spend with my kids is precious and not to take a single day for granted. We love you Beau!

Beach Trip

Ok, so this is a little late....well, not that late I guess. We went to the beach over Fall Break which was early October. I've been without a computer for months and just now got a new one which means I'm just now able to post pics. Let me just say that I got TONS of inspiration while we were there!!! We stayed in Destin but traveled to Seaside and Rosemary Beach two days in a row....can we say LOVE? I admit I've never been down that way and never understood what all the hoop-la was about....I know now! I can't wait to go back and stay in Seaside with the kiddos. If anyone has any suggestions on where to stay just holler! Here are some pics of our exploration and some pieces I did as soon as we got back. See ya soon! Katie

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

St. George's Art Show

Earlier this month I had the privilege of participating in the St. George's Art Show at the high school campus on Houston Levee. SOOOO FUN!! I loved being there, surrounded by artists, art, food and my hot date of course! I loved actually getting to meet the people who bought my pieces and talk to them and find out where my babies will be hanging in their homes! It's not everyday I can meet the people who are admiring my work. It's quite humbling. I will always feel gratitude towards all those who compliment my work and push me to keep producing!
It's a very well run show and I hope I will be able to participate in it again next year!! See you soon! Katie

Where have you been?

That's what I feel like asking myself!! Where HAVE I been?? Busy....doing shows....going crazy. Recently I had the honor of attending my daughter's very first horse show. She got 5th place in her age and division...I was proud of my little equestrian. Not only was it a sweet little show it also served as an abundance of inspiration!!! And everyone knows... I look for inspiration EVERYWHERE!!!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE to draw inspiration from my life and not just pulling ideas out of the blue. I have really been into horses lately....wonder why?? The piece above is called "Grazing Before the Show" and is 48x48. It's currently hanging in my day soon I'll be able to part with it. :) See ya soon...for real this time!! Katie

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

iPad dependency

Well a few months ago our computer crashed. As a result we bought an iPad (1st generation mind you) because it's way cheaper than buying a new computer. I didn't realize that there are just certain things that I can't do on the iPad. For example, I cannot upload any new pictures on my website...that's why it looks like I haven't painted in months!!!! (Don't give me tips on how to make it work...I've listened to and tried everything!!) Frustrated doesn't begin to explain how irritated I am about the whole thing. Oh well. If that's my biggest problem in life then I guess that's pretty good. All this to say, I'm totally dependent on this iPad and what it will and won't let me do. Might be time to let someone do my website for me!!! See y'all later! Katie

Friday, August 10, 2012

These days

So, lately I feel like a one armed paper hanger. Really! I have been super busy with commissions and upcoming shows...not to mention taking care of our 4 kids and running a business...oh and being a wife. Speaking of, I need to give a huge shout out to my man. He takes care of our kids and takes care of me so well!!! I love him so very much! It's not uncommon to see him with all 4 kiddos on a grocery run...and he rarely complains!! I don't really have anything great to report. Just busy. Our daughter started 3rd grade this week and two of the boys will start preschool later this month. I've been in a blue and green phase with painting lately I guess mainly because of the summer landscape. It's been very hot here but tonight I actually felt a nice cool breeze! Makes me long for fall....BAD!!!! I feel some new and invigorated art coming on this fall!! Stay tuned! -Katie

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No Words...

It's been awhile since I've blogged. There's a reason. One of my very best friends lost her precious 2 month old baby one month ago. Time stopped. Nothing has made sense. So many things have been questioned. I don't want to use too many words at the risk of saying the wrong thing. The truth is that there are NO one can explain this. There's nothing we can point to that explains why this would happen EXCEPT...God's will. God's will- these words come from my friend, the mother of this precious one who God scooped up and took home after 59 days on this earth. She blows me away day in and day out with faith so rock solid that it can only come from HIM. She leans on the Lord with total uncertainty toward the coming seconds, minutes, hours, days... only knowing that she has Him. He will sustain her. He will sustain her family. I have no other words than this precious scripture " have sorrow now, but I will see you again, and your heart will rejoice, and no one will take your joy from you." John 16:22 I love you friend.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our Son Stephen

Those of you who know us know that we don't have a child named Stephen....however, we do have a sponsor child in Kenya! We have sponsored Stephen for about 3 years now and affectionately call him our Kenyan son.:) I love knowing that we are helping to make his quality of life better and reminding him of how much God loves him. We sponsor him through Compassion International (a very well respected and well known sponsorship program) and receive letters from time to time....he tells us about his school, home, parents and brothers and sisters. I want to tell everyone what a blessing it has been to be Stephen's sponsor....he has blessed us more than we've blessed him for sure. I just want to share some of his last letter....he's just so sweet and I love getting a glimpse of his life back in Kenya. If you have an ounce of interest in sponsoring a child internationally I strongly encourage you to do it! You'll be so glad you did. Keep in mind, this letter is translated so it's a little choppy at parts :) "Dear Katie, How are you? I hope you are fine. I am very fine together with my family. In my class I want to be number one...please pray for me as I work hard to perform well. Read John 3:16 :it says 'for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.' I compare your love to that of God. At home I have one sheep that you have given me. I am praying to God that next year I may have more sheep. I enjoy the activities performed at the project. I also thank the ability of our teachers. This has impacted my church devotion service where now I am a singer. I hope as you pray for me I would also like to know how you are fairing on. Please write soon and tell me more about your country. Thank you. Stephen I just love getting letters from him. I'll let y'all know when I get another one :) Take care! Katie

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Turn!

Ok, So it's SERIOUSLY been my life long dream to ride horses on a regular basis.....NOW it's finally my turn! Growing up I rode here and there but never took 'lessons'. I've been pregnant or nursing for roughly 7 years now so it's just never been an 'ideal' time...until now. I have to say I felt so cool putting on my English attire and getting up on that horse! It was so fun and I can't wait to go out more often!!...did I mention I'm super excited about it?? Woo Hoo!!! See y'all soon! Katie

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Art Show at First Fruit!

I had the pleasure of being a featured artist at this year's 2nd Annual Art Show at First Fruit Collection on the Collierville Square. It was so much fun! I truly loved meeting the other artists there and meeting customers who love my art! It's so fun to know where my art ends I've said before, each piece of art is like my baby so I love when I meet the new owners! I had a ton of fun meeting the other artists. I felt like we all had the same story....painting late at night or whenever we get a minute. How messy it is. Juggling our career with motherhood, etc.....I could go on and on! It was so refreshing to talk to other people who are JUST LIKE ME!! I loved it! Here are a few pics from the day! See you soon!! -Katie

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's Mine!

It's innevitable...every single day there is an argument in my house over toys. (argument...hmmm, well, it's really like a brawl) I follow the screams and eventually find the source. Two little boys fighting over a clutching it like it's the last toy on earth and the other trying to rip it from his hands! I'm ALWAYS at a loss of how to handle this situation...."Who had it first?" That's the first question ...and since only one of the two boys can talk I'm always hearing that the 4 yr old is the one who had it first...of course. :) In reality they are both at fault...greed and selfish desires. Not a good mixture. Anyway, every single time these 'fights' occur I get so irritated. Why can't they just share? Why can't my 4 yr old quit taking everything from the 2 yr old? And why can't the 2 yr old share back? I keep explaining and teaching my kids over and over again. Why don't they just 'do right'? Having children has definitely been sanctifying...VERY. Every time I get frustrated with my kids I can picture God looking at me as a child when I do the SAME sinful things over and over and over again. I can picture Him saying, "here we go again, Katie. Haven't you learned by now?" "Why are you doing this again?" Although instead of toys it's the way I talk to my husband or coveting someone else's things or pride or not wanting to let go of something I hold so dear and precious because "it's mine!"...I could go on and on. Why do I do it over and over and over?? SIN. Because of my sin I see my need for a Savior....THE SAVIOR. Even though I am a christian I still sin. I will not be free from it until I am made whole one day. Until then, every time I get irritated by my kids fighting, etc I can be reminded of my own sin. A little deep, yes, but sometimes I need to write these things down in order to further instill it in my mind and heart. I need to be reminded of God's word and what He would have me do. 'I have stored up Your words in my heart, that I might not sin against You' -Psalm 119:11

Monday, April 30, 2012

BDC Uganda

I recently had the pleasure of participating in a fundraiser for the Business Development Center- Uganda. You can read more about this great organization at It was a wonderful evening hosted by a sweet friend from our church and I had the pleasure of meeting other artists from the Memphis area!! My husband wasn't able to attend due to babysitting issues but my sweet daughter was my date for the evening! We were able to raise lots of money and have a fun night all at the same time! :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Queen Bees

This past Saturday I had the honor of attending an artist meet and greet at The Queen Bees in Jackson, TN. I met a lot of fun people and actually got to meet the people who took some of my pieces home!! It's always exciting to see the new owners of my pieces of work...every piece of my art is like a baby of mine after all!! Here are some pics from the day :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stop and Hear the Birds

We are not neat, tidy people. I am more so than my husband but still not great. Our carport is embarrassing....really. We had a garage door at the old house so the fact that we have nothing to close off our junk from the world really bothers me. :)

The other day I heard a faint, very high pitched chirping sound. I followed the sound from the driveway into the carport. I climbed over junk and finally zeroed in on where it was coming from. Piled on the top of a shelf...and then on top of a box is an old baby doll bassinett (it was our daughters...when she used to really care about baby dolls). It didn't make the cut to go in her room so naturally we put it in the carport on top of a bunch of old junk...duh!

There is was...a sweet little nest full of babies! I'm assuming it's full of babies based on the sounds coming from inside. My attempt to take a close picture ended with the momma bird flying out toward my face so I gave up and held my arm as high as possible to get this pic. You can hear the precious sounds from inside and since then I've seen the momma coming to the rescue with food in her yes, lots of babies in there!

Two days ago I didn't even know that little family existed and now I'm obsessed with it. Three feet from where I walk a million times a day is an intricately built home. A home that a momma lovingly and carefully made for her little ones. It reminds me of the verses referenced in the song about how 'His eye is on the sparrow'... It's amazing to me that God gives something like a bird the ability to build such a detailed home and the ability to look after her babies in such a way. Of course God cares for me and the details of my life!! He looks after me and my babies (and my hubby)and sees that we have our needs met. His eye is on the sparrow so of course He watches over me!

I wonder what else I am walking right by every single day and missing. What do I not see because I am in such a hurry? My kids? My husband? Yes, I pass these things by everyday and miss opportunities to really SEE them. I encourage you to stop and 'hear the birds''s precious!

Monday, April 9, 2012

"5 Minutes Here, 5 Minutes There"

One of the things about doing what I do is the benefit of being able to work at home. I work in my necessity. Not just because we have 4 kids and every room is taken by a little person (which means that I have no studio space as a result) but because I have to BE here. I have to KNOW everything that is happening in this house at all times. Little hands can make a HUGE mess in 2 seconds flat. I can't be off in a 'studio' somewhere (don't get me wrong- I'd love to be) while the natives are left to their own devices. :) I need to be MOMMY 100% of the time. I have to see and hear what's going on...**oddly enough they've only gotten into my paint once...knock on wood :)
Sometimes when the 2 'little' boys go down for their naps I put a movie on for our 4 year old (yes, I do sometimes use tv as a babysitter- don't judge me) and I am able to get a good hour or two of painting in. This doesn't happen every day though. MOST of the time it's 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there. Between changing diapers, fighting with light sabers and fixing meals I find a few good minutes to pick up the brush and paint. I have learned to work fairly quickly when I do get one of these windows.
I have found that I kinda enjoy painting like this. I think I have painting A.D.D. anyway so this just fits in perfecty. When I do have hours at a time to paint I am continuously walking away from the easel and coming back again. I snack, I walk...pace is more like it, I wander. Maybe it's the short spurts of time that I'm given that have made me this way. Maybe it's impossible for me to stand and paint for longer than 5 minutes at a time because that's what I'm used to.
Whatever it works for me.
God is good. :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

"The Ugly Stuff"

One day I might have a sun-lit, spacious art studio. Until then I will continue painting in a dark, tiny little corner of my den. (at least I have a corner, right?) I spilled gesso on the wood floors the other night (barely missing the rug). I continually have paint on my hands and under my nails. The process is ugly...all of it. I start with raw materials and the process is oh so messy. I make mistakes and cover them up. I layer and layer and layer until finally I have a piece of art!
All of this reminds me of my relationship with God. I am ugly...the depths of my soul are detestable. I have nothing to offer but filthy rags. Only through the saving grace of God am I made new! He uses all the ugly stuff to give Himself glory!! He is the potter, I am the clay....He is the artist, I am all the ugly stuff.
I am oh so thankful that God has given me the ability to do what I truly love for a living. I know that everyone cannot say the same so I am truly grateful. I pray that He will continue to use me...(all the ugly stuff) to bring glory to His name in whatever way He chooses.
See you soon~

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Boys in the Country"

We may not live in the country but I'm so thankful that we can drive 20 minutes and we're there. This is where our daughter rides and the boys love to go and run around out there. It's so nice to get to experience a slower pace of life. I am forced to sit and be still...well maybe chase one particular 2 year old around. :) I love the scenery and I force myself to stop and look around at the 'common' details that I so often pass by. Clovers, fences, daffodils, slow moving clouds, etc. At least for now I can escape to a different pace of life for an hour a week....until next time. :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

"In Bloom"

There are so many gorgeous flowering bushes and trees in bloom right now...we have a GORGEOUS Dogwood tree out back that fills one corner of our yard. I love looking out and seeing all the colors that surround our house. I am thankful for an early spring. Here are some spring inspired pieces that I recently did. Enjoy!

Monday, March 19, 2012

"Horsing Around!"

Our oldest child, and only girl, rides horses. She loves it and so do I! As soon as I can I'm planning on joining her at her lessons! The stables provide TONS of inspiration for me. The horses, pasture, hay, I could go on and on....
Here are some pics and the piece I recently did for our daughter titled "Olivia and Dixie". See you soon!