Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Memphis

I've lived in Memphis most of my life....from when I was itty bitty. Well, technically Germantown but anytime you go out of town and someone asks you where you're from you always just say 'Memphis'. Honestly I can't always say that I've loved it here...just being honest. When I was younger, and even not that long ago, I longed for 'greener pastures'. Don't we all at some point? Although the grass seems greener elsewhere it's really only greener where it is watered. I have had to make a conscious decision to love my city and love the people in it. I've noticed that when I jump in and look at all this great place has to offer that that's when I find happiness here. It is a great place. Full of culture, art, music and awesome people. It gets better every year. Sure it has it's problems but what place doesn't? If you don't like something then I urge you to jump in and get your hands dirty. Form relationships, love on others...isn't that what we are called to do? I want to encourage all my fellow Memphians (no matter your zip code) to strive to LOVE this place too....and if you already have a love affair with Memphis, be contagious!! We are a great city and we need to be proud! Below is a painting entitled "My Memphis" that I did for an event at Market Central in November. See you soon! Katie

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