Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stop and Hear the Birds

We are not neat, tidy people. I am more so than my husband but still not great. Our carport is embarrassing....really. We had a garage door at the old house so the fact that we have nothing to close off our junk from the world really bothers me. :)

The other day I heard a faint, very high pitched chirping sound. I followed the sound from the driveway into the carport. I climbed over junk and finally zeroed in on where it was coming from. Piled on the top of a shelf...and then on top of a box is an old baby doll bassinett (it was our daughters...when she used to really care about baby dolls). It didn't make the cut to go in her room so naturally we put it in the carport on top of a bunch of old junk...duh!

There is was...a sweet little nest full of babies! I'm assuming it's full of babies based on the sounds coming from inside. My attempt to take a close picture ended with the momma bird flying out toward my face so I gave up and held my arm as high as possible to get this pic. You can hear the precious sounds from inside and since then I've seen the momma coming to the rescue with food in her yes, lots of babies in there!

Two days ago I didn't even know that little family existed and now I'm obsessed with it. Three feet from where I walk a million times a day is an intricately built home. A home that a momma lovingly and carefully made for her little ones. It reminds me of the verses referenced in the song about how 'His eye is on the sparrow'... It's amazing to me that God gives something like a bird the ability to build such a detailed home and the ability to look after her babies in such a way. Of course God cares for me and the details of my life!! He looks after me and my babies (and my hubby)and sees that we have our needs met. His eye is on the sparrow so of course He watches over me!

I wonder what else I am walking right by every single day and missing. What do I not see because I am in such a hurry? My kids? My husband? Yes, I pass these things by everyday and miss opportunities to really SEE them. I encourage you to stop and 'hear the birds''s precious!

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