Monday, April 21, 2014


Hello world....between being up to my elbows in my kids Easter candy and painting my little tail off, I've been one busy momma. I have a show running the entire month of April at Palladio entitled "Impressions of Grace: Abstract Stories from the Bible". It's a series that I felt led to do and each piece tells a story. Go by and check it all out when you're in midtown Memphis. Also, I have Double Decker Festival in Oxford in 5 days!!! I'm still prepping and getting everything finished for that. It sure does take lots and lots of prep! If you've never been to Double Decker you don't know what you're missing. Besides being on one of the coolest squares in the south, it hosts live music, amazing food and let's not forget the ART! Lots of artisans and crafters from all over do this show and I'm honored to be a part of it for a second year. Here are a couple of pics from last year. It's a must see and experience! See y'all soon! Pray that I make it through this week!!! -Katie