Monday, April 29, 2013

Double Decker Arts Festival

I had the honor of participating in the Double Decker Festival in Oxford this weekend and it was a BLAST! I met soooo many wonderful people from all over and sold quite a few pieces of art! It was originally supposed to rain ALL DAY and thunderstorm but we prayed and prayed and prayed and low and behold it DIDN'T rain AT ALL!!! I couldn't believe it! Boy were we happy! My mom and sister came with me on the trip and my hubby stayed home with the kids. My new friend, Bradley Gordon, (see his AWESOME art at loaned me his tent to use during the festival....what a blessing. Everyone there was extremely friendly and hospitable. I was exhausted (and still am) but it was worth it. Here are some pics from our fun in Oxford!! -Katie

Monday, April 8, 2013


WOW...I'm always amazed at how God talks to me through experiences with my kids. There are sooooo many similarities between their relationship with me and my relationship with God! Every. Single. Day I try to guide my kids in one direction (the right direction) and they inevitably decide that we need to do it their way (which is the wrong way, of course). If they could just see that even though it doesn't make sense to them (what I'm asking them to do)it will all work out the way it's supposed to!!! What is wrong with them?? Well, is that NOT how we are with God?? Every day He guides me in the ways I should go and I keep believing that I have a better way!! What is wrong with ME?? It truly is humbling because I am just a grumbling, whining little girl who wants it my way...{stomp foot here}. Thank you God that I do not get MY way because I would be in a world of trouble. I can't see past my face and yet He sees all of eternity. Thank you God for teaching me these lessons through my kids...even if it makes me want to pull my hair out :):) -Katie

Friday, April 5, 2013

Look Familiar?

I was just looking back through my pics from our beach trip last October. I saw the pic that inspired one of my pieces of art for my art show at Palladio and thought I'd post it again.....I love to show where I get my inspiration!!! This is from The Shops of Ruskin in Seaside. The painting is entitled "Walking Through Ruskin" and is available at Palladio in midtown Memphis. See y'all later! -Katie

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Birthday and Pierced Ears!

March was a bit of a whirlwind as it seems it was gone as soon as it started. My birthday was in the middle of the month (and on Spring Break might I add....It's always been over spring break which is either fun or a bummer bc all of my friends are out of town). Well, this year I travelled alone with all four kids to my parents' house down in Mississippi for 4 days! My husband is a pilot and is in upgrade training at work so I'm alone a lot these days :) We decided to make the most of it with trips to the park and a 'surprise' birthday party thrown by my kids at my parents' house. It was cute. They get so into them. My hubby took me out for the night when we got back in town...I always love date nights with him! My oldest (and only girl) got her ears pierced while we were in MS! She was very, very, very nervous about the point that I really thought she was going to back out. Well, she went through with it and has been extremely happy about her decision. It's a strange thing seeing your kids grow.....literally before your eyes. I'm so proud of her though and love seeing her experience new things and hit milestones! Love you Baby Girl!