Sunday, April 1, 2012

"The Ugly Stuff"

One day I might have a sun-lit, spacious art studio. Until then I will continue painting in a dark, tiny little corner of my den. (at least I have a corner, right?) I spilled gesso on the wood floors the other night (barely missing the rug). I continually have paint on my hands and under my nails. The process is ugly...all of it. I start with raw materials and the process is oh so messy. I make mistakes and cover them up. I layer and layer and layer until finally I have a piece of art!
All of this reminds me of my relationship with God. I am ugly...the depths of my soul are detestable. I have nothing to offer but filthy rags. Only through the saving grace of God am I made new! He uses all the ugly stuff to give Himself glory!! He is the potter, I am the clay....He is the artist, I am all the ugly stuff.
I am oh so thankful that God has given me the ability to do what I truly love for a living. I know that everyone cannot say the same so I am truly grateful. I pray that He will continue to use me...(all the ugly stuff) to bring glory to His name in whatever way He chooses.
See you soon~

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