Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Beach Trip

Ok, so this is a little late....well, not that late I guess. We went to the beach over Fall Break which was early October. I've been without a computer for months and just now got a new one which means I'm just now able to post pics. Let me just say that I got TONS of inspiration while we were there!!! We stayed in Destin but traveled to Seaside and Rosemary Beach two days in a row....can we say LOVE? I admit I've never been down that way and never understood what all the hoop-la was about....I know now! I can't wait to go back and stay in Seaside with the kiddos. If anyone has any suggestions on where to stay just holler! Here are some pics of our exploration and some pieces I did as soon as we got back. See ya soon! Katie

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