Sunday, December 29, 2013

13 Years Ago...

...we got married!!! Well, technically it was in November but my blogging is all messed up :) We celebrated by going to Restaurant Iris (for all you Memphis people you know how amazing Iris is!). Marriage is work. Plain and simple. But I wouldn't want to work so hard with anyone else. Love you babe. Here are some pics from our wedding and from our dinner....I'm absolutely AMAZED at how different we look in 13 short years. WOW. -Katie


The whole month of December was extremely busy for us. I tried very hard to keep my focus on what the season is really about and talked to the kids about it often. With all the distractions it's difficult to keep us ALL focused to the birth of Jesus...the elf was especially a pain in my side this year. Sorry all you elf folks....BUT I'm over it. On another note, I was the busiest I've ever been during the Christmas season...thanks to all who ordered from me this year! What a blessing to get all those messages after Christmas telling me how much your loved ones appreciated and loved their gifts!! I LOVE my job!! Here are some highlights from December. We hosted a Mother/ Daughter Brunch with all of our friends like we do every year. We made cookies for Santa...and he ate every single one! We spent lots of time with family and friends. It was a good month. Much love and I'm looking forward to a fabulous 2014!!! See y'all soon! -Katie

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Up close and personal pieces...

Here are the two pieces that were featured at the First Fruit Vesta Home in the previous post. See y'all soon! -Katie

Vesta Home Show 2013

The Memphis Area Homebuilders Association had another Vesta Home Show this year. First Fruit Collection, located on the Collierville Square, had the big job of decorating one of the Vesta homes this year and BOY did they do an amazing job! I was honored to have a couple of pieces hanging in their house. Out of the 6 houses that participated in the show, the First Fruit house was by far my favorite! Check out the pictures below....see y'all soon! -Katie

St. George's Art Show

This fall was extremely busy...mainly due to the shows I participated in. One of my favorite shows to do is the St. George's Fine Art Show held at the high school campus in Collierville. It's so well run and I've made lots of 'fellow artist' friends over the past couple of years. This year I was HONORED to be the Featured Artist! It was a great show and I sold lots of art and met tons of new people. Here are some pics from the 3 day show. -Katie

Annual Beach Trip

So, every year we travel the 9 hours it takes to get to the beach....our kids LOVE it and look forward to this trip for months!!! This year we went to Seaside, absolutely lovely and slow paced place. If you've never been you are truly missing out! After a crazy car ride, where I almost lost my religion several times and made many serious threats, we finally made it. With 4 kids you never know what you're going to get on a vacation...most of the time I need to come home and recover from my vacation after the fact! sigh. Well, this year was pretty good. The 'baby' is now two years old and doesn't try to eat sand anymore soooo we've got that going for us. :) All in all it was a great time and we can't wait until next year! -Katie

River Arts Fest and a Horse Show!

Ok, sooooo I'm the worst blogger in the world. Yep!! Well, when you have a lot of business (which I'm so thankful for) and you have 4 kids (which I am also very thankful for) things like blogging slip through the cracks! Let's back up to October. River Arts Fest, held in downtown Memphis, occupied the last weekend of October (and most of my spare time that month while I prepared). Thousands of people took to South Main that weekend. Folks from all over and local Memphians of course...I even met a family who'd never seen cotton fields before!!! Crazy!! Well, I made lots of contacts and sold a good amount of art that weekend. Lots of people watching and lots of artsy folks everywhere. However, while I was busy selling art my oldest was busy winning ribbons at her annual riding show. I'm so proud of her....she LOVES riding horses and it truly is her passion. HATE to have missed it!!! Til next time...Katie