Saturday, July 13, 2013


We had an awesome 4th of July! We went to the lake (Pickwick to be exact) and hung out with my sister's family. They have a boat and the cousins spent the whole day together out on the water! We definitely had a blast! The fireworks at Pickwick are amazing and there's nothing like a front row seat while floating on the water! I got tons of inspiration and my wheels are turning in my head faster than my hands can paint. Here are some pics from the day. See y'all soon!

Monday, July 1, 2013

I lost count....

after 15 or so. That's how many paintings I've done in the last week and a half. And I'm not even close to being finished. Between commissioned pieces and keeping my stores stocked I've been one busy momma. I also just found out that I was chosen for the juried show, River Arts Fest, here in Memphis in late October. To add to the excitement I also found out that I was chosen to be the FEATURED ARTIST for the annual St. Georges Fine Art Show in November. I'm so very thrilled about this. I will keep you posted as they get closer. Now I will go because I have to go paint....see y'all soon! Katie -here's some birdies to brighten your day :)