Monday, July 14, 2014

Camp and Deer

Baby Girl went to her very first week-long camp! The fact that she was gone wasn't so bad but we had no contact with her and THAT was strange...(and yes I sent a baggie of pre-addressed, stamped envelopes for her to write her precious mother and they sat untouched the entire week :) I think it's safe to say she had a blast since the first words from her mouth upon pick-up were, "I missed y'all but I want to stay here! PLEASE!" She takes after my husband in that they are fueled by people and social events. She would probably be happy living at camp for an entire summer if we let her. Well, I'm still doing laundry and may need to wash some loads a couple of times given the stench that poured from her bag...whew! We missed you Baby Girl and we're glad you're home! On another note I snapped this beautiful pair of deer while leaving our neighborhood at 6:30am to pick her up from camp....GORGEOUS!! These sort of snapshots is what inspires my deer paintings...LOVE my surroundings! See y'all soon! Katie

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