Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Birthday and Pierced Ears!

March was a bit of a whirlwind as it seems it was gone as soon as it started. My birthday was in the middle of the month (and on Spring Break might I add....It's always been over spring break which is either fun or a bummer bc all of my friends are out of town). Well, this year I travelled alone with all four kids to my parents' house down in Mississippi for 4 days! My husband is a pilot and is in upgrade training at work so I'm alone a lot these days :) We decided to make the most of it with trips to the park and a 'surprise' birthday party thrown by my kids at my parents' house. It was cute. They get so into it...love them. My hubby took me out for the night when we got back in town...I always love date nights with him! My oldest (and only girl) got her ears pierced while we were in MS! She was very, very, very nervous about it....to the point that I really thought she was going to back out. Well, she went through with it and has been extremely happy about her decision. It's a strange thing seeing your kids grow.....literally before your eyes. I'm so proud of her though and love seeing her experience new things and hit milestones! Love you Baby Girl!


  1. Emma says "Way to go Olivia!"

  2. Sorry, she also said "You look so pretty Olivia...did it hurt?"

    1. Olivia LOVED hearing that from Emma!!! She said she misses her and CAN'T WAIT for y'all to move back...and it didn't hurt too bad :) BTW we haven't played Bunco since you moved (I'm pretty sure)...we need to pick that back up too!