Sunday, December 29, 2013


The whole month of December was extremely busy for us. I tried very hard to keep my focus on what the season is really about and talked to the kids about it often. With all the distractions it's difficult to keep us ALL focused to the birth of Jesus...the elf was especially a pain in my side this year. Sorry all you elf folks....BUT I'm over it. On another note, I was the busiest I've ever been during the Christmas season...thanks to all who ordered from me this year! What a blessing to get all those messages after Christmas telling me how much your loved ones appreciated and loved their gifts!! I LOVE my job!! Here are some highlights from December. We hosted a Mother/ Daughter Brunch with all of our friends like we do every year. We made cookies for Santa...and he ate every single one! We spent lots of time with family and friends. It was a good month. Much love and I'm looking forward to a fabulous 2014!!! See y'all soon! -Katie

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