Saturday, January 5, 2013

What We Do...

So one of my kids FAVE things to do (particularly this time of year) is to drive around in the late afternoon looking for deer just out of the woods in a field. We get ice cream every Friday and then drive around eating it and looking for any deer we can find. We don't always see them but sometimes we get lucky. I don't think there's anything more beautiful than watching deer graze in a meadow...(no I'm not against hunting but I must say I get a little bit of the "Bambi's poor mother" thing going on every time I see someone post a pic of a dead deer they just shot.) Tear. Anyway, here is my very latest painting entitled "Out of the Woods"- 100% inspired by my outings with the kiddos. See ya soon! Katie

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  1. Love this. Is it for sale? If so, what size is it and what's the price. You can e-mail me at houseofstephens(at)att(dot)net.